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Brain Injury Claims

Medical Negligence
There are a wide range of types of brain injury with varying degrees of seriousness, however, if a brain injury can be proved to have been caused by the medical negligence of a medical professional you may be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence compensation.

Brain injuries can be caused by medical negligence in a vast number of ways and in different circumstances. Accidents or delays during the birthing process can cause brain injuries. For example, pre-eclampsia if not treated correctly could cause the mother to suffer a stroke or cerebral palsy can be brought on in rare circumstances if the baby has been starved of oxygen during a mismanaged birth. Incorrectly administered medicine can cause brain injuries if the dose is far too high. Surgical error can cause a brain injury – even if it is not the brain that is being directly operated upon, as can a lack of sufficient treatment for a brain haemorrhage, brain tumour, meningitis or encephalitis if it has not been diagnosed and treated within a reasonable timeframe.

Of course hospital medical staff do a wonderful job and the vast majority of brain injuries are diagnosed and treated correctly by staff. The important factor to consider when thinking about bringing about a medical negligence claim is if the claimant has been given medical care that falls below a reasonable standard.

If you are considering making a medical negligence claim for a brain injury which is believed to have been caused by a medical professional you may wish to view the following sections.

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