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Care Home Negligence Claims

Medical NegligenceWith the increasing life expectancy of UK citizens comes the realisation that more and more people will enter into public or private care homes if there is no home help available. Care homes do an invaluable job in looking after our elderly. However, there can be instances for a variety of reasons that the healthcare offered via care workers or the institution itself is substandard and/or negligent. This can be for reasons of a lack of staff supervision, experience or training – nevertheless due to the vulnerability of the people being cared for the care should be of a good standard at all times.

If you suspect that the care being offered to an elderly relative or friend is not what should be expected you could potentially make a negligence claim against the care home and seek compensation on behalf of the affected individual.

Warning signs that may indicate that there may be signs of negligent care in the care home are –

  • A sudden appearance of bruising, cuts, grazes and signs of physical restraint on the individual’s body.
  • A change of character which is out of the ordinary.
  • Health problems such as bed sores or loss of weight.
  • Personal hygiene issues that would indicate a lack of staff care.

If you are considering making a negligence claim against a care home or care home professional on behalf of yourself or an elderly friend or relative you may wish to view the following sections.

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