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How Much Could My Claim Be Worth?

Medical Negligence
It is challenging to provide exact figures as regards how much compensation a successful claim for medical negligence would bring because each case is different in circumstances – no one case will be exactly the same. However, overall the compensation payouts in the past according to the specialist solicitor Moore Blatch Resolve have been in the range of £5,000 to £5 million (obviously depending on the circumstances surrounding the claim.

In general terms a compensation claim for medical negligence will be calculated by taking into account the past and future financial cost caused by the clinical negligence, the pain and suffering that was caused as a result and the interest that has accrued from the time that the proceedings were served and payable from the financial loss attributable to the problem caused by the medical negligence.

In terms of the amount of compensation awarded for the pain and suffering caused, there will often be case law which will dictate the amounts that have been paid out for particular illnesses or medical mistakes (depending on the severity of the case). For example, for the unnecessary removal of the appendix, an approximate amount of compensation for this award would be in the region of £6,000.

The compensation for past loss and future loss are often added into the compensation calculation. If you have had to buy equipment that you would not have had to buy previously as a result of the medical negligence, you have lost earnings or you have had care provided, these can all be taken into account in terms of the compensation claim provided that there is documentation to support them all. Future loss will take into account the amount of future earnings that would be lost as a result of the medical negligence. For example, if the claimant was not able to continue work at all and had to give up their employment, it could be possible to claim for loss of earnings up to retirement age. Courts have been known to order annual payments or lump sums in these instances and interest is often added into the equation.

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