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MRSA and C Difficile Claims

Medical NegligenceHospital acquired infections such as MRSA and C Difficile are unfortunately a fairly common occurrence in our hospitals in the UK today. MRSA, or Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a bacteria that is carried in approximately 30% of the population and is usually harmless, but when it is carried by those that are unwell with a low immune system or have a wound it can cause abscesses or septic wounds or in the worst case scenario it can cause serious (sometimes fatal) blood infections.

Typically MRSA can spread in hospitals through contact with bed sheets, towels, equipment and skin to skin contact. There are numerous hand wash stations in hospital corridors but these can be all too frequently ignored. Hospitals should try to keep as cleanly an environment as possible to help prevent the transmission of hospital acquired infections and they should have a specific policy on MRSA.

If you believe that there was a delay in diagnosing and treating the infection whilst you are in hospital or if there is a lack of medical care you may have grounds to claim for clinical negligence upon getting MRSA.

If you are considering making a medical negligence claim against the hospital where you obtained MRSA you may wish to view the following sections.

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