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Sterilisation or Vasectomy Failure Claims

Medical NegligenceSterilisation is the process by which men and women undergo surgical procedures to prevent having children. In women the fallopian tubes are either cut or they have clips attached which will stop the eggs from travelling down the fallopian tubes to fertilise the egg. In men, the sperm duct will be cut.

In the vast majority of cases, sterilisation works perfectly, but there can be perfectly natural reasons for a sterilisation to reverse. For example, it has been known that the sperm duct or fallopian tubes can regrow over time. However, if an unwanted pregnancy occurs shortly after a sterilisation procedure has taken place it is most likely to have happened due to a surgical error because the fallopian tubes or sperm duct has not had the time to regrow.

In cases of failed sterilisations and pregnancy, there is a possibility to claim for medical negligence. When a child is born after parent/s have undergone sterilisation procedures, the courts tend to offer approximately £15,000 for wrongful birth (in other words a birth that takes place after proven medically negligent treatment) which is meant to compensate the parents for their right to control the size of their family.

If you are considering making a medical negligence claim after having undergone a failed sterilisation or vasectomy you may wish to view the following sections.

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